The big sports news on CNNInt and the BBC is that Beckham has signed for oodles of money with the USA.

Actually, I was a soccar mom long before it became a fad, since I adopted two boys from South America, where soccar is a religion.

My oldest, when a sophmore in High School at 18 (due to lack of schooling in his first home) wanted to go out for sports but couldn’t  make school teams which requiered a C average (his math was bad). So we found a local soccar team to play with that summer, an adult team.

The team was in the next town, and except for him, were all students at the local two year college. This college had an out reach to Central America, so most on the team were Spanish speaking students. But since soccar is also a unisex sport, two of the team were girls. And, since that college also had a deaf program (one of several colleges that sign language translated their classes) it also included a deaf student.

The games were surreal, with the instructions going back and forth in spanish sland and ASL (american Sign Language).

After the first confusing game, with some practice, they won every game.

Right now the dirty little secret is that the “farm teams” for US baseball is in Latin America, so one wonders at the implicit racism of hiring a big name aging soccar star from the UK to make money and publicity for soccar.

Take that, you bigshots.


Nancy Reyes is  a retired physician working in the Philippines. Her website is Finest kind clinic and fishmarket, and she promises to type better articles whenever the internet is back up.

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