Among the more over-the-top encomia heaped upon Benazir Bhutto was that she was a stalwart enemy of terrorism. In a New York Times op-ed, author William Dalrymple notes that “Bhutto was apparently the victim of Islamist militant groups that she allowed to flourish under her administrations in the 1980s and 1990s.” He adds:

It was under Ms. Bhutto’s watch that the Pakistani intelligence agency, Inter-Services Intelligence, first installed the Taliban in Afghanistan. It was also at that time that hundreds of young Islamic militants were recruited from the madrassas to do the agency’s dirty work in Indian Kashmir. It seems that, like some terrorist equivalent of Frankenstein’s monster, the extremists turned on both the person and the state that had helped bring them into being. …

[T]he obituaries painting her as dying to save democracy distort history. Instead, she was a natural autocrat who did little for human rights, a calculating politician who was complicit in Pakistan’s becoming the region’s principal jihadi paymaster while she also ramped up an insurgency in Kashmir that has brought two nuclear powers to the brink of war.

The same day The Washington Post published an op-ed by Bhutto’s estranged husband – who is also allegedly complicit in the murder of her brother, Murzata – Asif Ali Zardari (AKA “Mr. Ten Percent”) ,“The Duty My Wife Left Us,” which made The Stiletto gag (he even quoted John F. Kennedy!):

Last week the world was shocked, and my life was shattered, by the murder of my beloved wife … Benazir was willing to lay down her life for what she believed in – for the future of a democratic, moderate, progressive Pakistan. She stood up to dictators and fanatics, those who would distort and defy our constitution and those who would defame the Muslim holy book by violence and terrorism. My pain and the pain of our children is unimaginable. But I feel even worse for a world that will have to move forward without this extraordinary bridge between cultures, religions and traditions.

No doubt, there will be naifs who take this smarmy op-ed – probably written with the help of a high-powered PR firm – at face value and laud his “guts” in soldiering on amidst his grief to bring “democracy” to Pakistan.

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