Benzair Bhutto was assasinated today in Rawalpindi in Pakistan. Her assassination has drawn words of codemn from President Musharraf as well as across the world from BJP Leader LK Advani to U.S. President George Bush. This assassination follows recent remarks by Ms Bhutto that madrassas were fomenting Islamic Terrorism.

Back in October when Benazir Bhutto returned to Pakistan, Offstumped pondered if

A notion of stability in Pakistan buffered us all this long and that notion is fast turning out to be merely a figment of our failed imagination

As Nitin points out in his post that this was not a faceless runaway suicide bomber but it was a Security Official from within the inner perimeter of her security ring.

While conspiracy theories abound, the undeniable fact is that is staring us in the face is the radicalization of key State Organs to a degree where you can no longer tell Sentinel from Terrorist.

This is the macabre reality that forces us to see a Frankensteinistan in Pakistan.

Nitin rightly asks does America have a Plan B ?

It is instructive to refresh our memory with these words from President Bush, then candidate Bush in the run up to the 2000 Presidential Election in the United States.

I would be very careful about using our troops as nation builders.

It took an event of the magnitude of 9-11 inside the United States (matched only by Pearl Harbor) to force a inward looking George W Bush into a reluctant  “Nation Builder” in Afghanistan. The current sequence of events in Pakistan coming up in the last year of the Bush Presidency, should leave no one in no doubt that this mess to the west of our borders is the next President’s Afghanistan in the making.

So while America may not have a Plan B, do we across from the border even have a Plan A ?

Back in November when Musharraf imposed Martial Law or Emergency as he called it, a raging debate ensued over at The Acorn on “Re-integration of Pakistan” with the Indian Union or conversely a balkanization of Pakistan.

As the Indian Establishment ponders its Plan A (hopefully someone somewhere in North Block is burning up the midnight oil thinking this up), it is perhaps time to consider pro-active measures with a degree of known and acceptable collateral damage.

As Nitin had said sometime back ” the day when inaction is no longer possible” has come.

India must act to guide the unraveling of Frankensteinistan in a direction that results in a balkanized Pakistan made up of motely States which individually at worst are merely a nusiance and collectively at best serve long term Indian interests.

Inaction is no longer an option and would only pave the way for a 9-11 scale macabre future in the Indian Homeland. 

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