Kristen BellBy Honey Gillard
KRISTEN Bell, or better known as everyone’s favourite teen television detective Veronica Mars, is reportedly preparing to star lead in not 1, but 2 up and coming movies.
Bell is set to play a title character in the romantic comedy ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’, alongside ‘How I met your mother’s’ Jason Segel. Jason also wrote the screenplay for the movie. The story follows Peter (Segel), who suffers from a devastating and heart-wrenching break-up with his girlfriend; TV sitcom star Sarah Marshall (Bell). Heartbroken & depressed he heads to Hawaii, for a little vacation and Jason time, to try his very best to forget every little detail of his relationship with Sarah. But love laughs at him, because Sarah is looking for a little bit of vacationing time herself, ironically, in the very same exclusive resort as Peter, and with her new boyfriend.
The second role that Bell is preparing to add to her growing filmography is indie drama Antique. The movie will co-star William H. Macy and will centre around the intertwining lives of 8 residents in Echo Park, as they all search for the strength to break free from the pains and dramas of their past. Bell will be portraying Claire, a young girl who after befriending a homeless man (Macy) learns the only way to improve her life is to leave the people who have been holding her back. Other members of the ‘Antique’ cast will include Rachel Leigh Cook as Claire’s self-destructive best friend, Samantha; Lolita as Claire’s alcoholic mother; Kevin Zeegers as her drug dealing boyfriend, Danny and Anne Archer as Danny’s grieving mom.
Filming on ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ is set to begin in mid-April, during Bell’s next hiatus from hit CW teen drama ‘Veronica Mars’. There is no word on when filming will begin on ‘Antique’.
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