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Free Food

Here’s the story…

Hartford Connecticut, a week before Christmas, a blizzard is raging outside.  Shoppers at the local Whole Foods supermarket are stocking up for the holidays, their carts loaded to overflowing, and the power in the store goes out.  None of the registers ae working, the computers are down, and the customers can’t pay for the goods.

An assistant manager, without getting clearance from supervisors, makes a decision on the run.  He goes up to the checkout aisles, and starts waving people through, wishing them a Merry Christmas while their groceries are bagged.  Nobody got charged, they kept what food they had, and took it home for free, and that continued till the power came back on.

The assistant manager, by the way, did ‘not’ get fired.  Nice…

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Cartoon from Sid in the City

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