CENSOR GOOGLE I polled the students in my Global Internet Marketing Class the other day as to what search engine they most used. Eighty percent of them raised their hand at the mention of Baidu. Google was an also-ran. Their chief criticism of Google was that they wearied of the many “The connection was reset. The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading” messages. And we all agreed that we routinely come up short of cache even when we tried to take a circuitous route to censored listings. The students preferred the bought-and-paid-for entries on Baidu as much for accessibility as for the plethora of Chinese language entries. They were unfazed by the fact that the top listed information was bought and paid for advertising and possibly not reliable. Some information, right or wrong, was better than no information at all. Google was blasted by just about every blogger on the planet, A few A-list writers banned their adds. It was an Internet version of impeachment for Google’s affair with Beijing. And now, like Bill, Google is sorry for being bad. Yawn. Boing Boing recently posted an article that claims Google’s founder regrets censoring China. Sergey Brin, Google’s top dog, told an interviewer that censoring China’s search-results was a “net negative” for Google. “Before this, Google’s position on China was the a kind of Orwellian doublespeak: ‘We have to censor China because they have lots of money and we can’t have any without participating in censorship’ and ‘If we censor China but tell Chinese people when they’re being censored, they’ll clamor for democracy.'” Boing Boing went on to report: “Since moving into China, Google has been compared to Microsoft because of its dominant position and power. ‘We are very sensitive to people talking about us in that way,’ said Mr Brin. Mr Page described the differences between the two technology companies by saying ‘we have very open partnerships, we are very clear about being fair with revenues.'” Huh? Bribery, I mean profit sharing, does clear you of the Internet Goliath charges. And despite being (happily) called a “Classic Berkley Liberal” by my favorite conservative Peter Pocupine (sorry Cal Poly) I have never gotten over Clinton’s lack of early intervention during the Rwandan genocide and ethnic cleansing. He apologized, but a million people are still dead. This is the last day for Bloggie Voting: VOTE HERE for your favorites. Lonnie Hodge @ Onemanbandwidth.com

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