Insomnia, a widely prevalent sleep disorder among elderly patients can be treated using behavioral therapy, which is a kind of psychotherapy. Insomnia can lead to severe depression and excessive daytime sleepiness, if left untreated. A team of researchers from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine studied two groups of elderly people – one group of people who were given a short-term behavioral therapy and the other group which was only given information on Insomnia.


From their study they found nearly 71% of the people who were given behavioral therapy, showed improvement in their sleep measures and only 39% of the people who were from the information group, showed any such improvements. More than half of the participants who were given short behavioral interventions met the criteria for insomnia recessions, compared to 17% of the people who did not receive behavioral therapy. This experiment proved that insomnia in elderly people can be treated effectively, using behavioral therapy.

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