In a galaxy far, far away? Try Mexico. Or Belgium, if you prefer. What is with these giant globalized multi-national corporations these days anyway? Are they drunk or something? I mean the ink is hardly dry on Daimler-Chrysler’s Mexican divorce papers before Budweiser brewer Anheuser-Busch proposes a Mexican marriage with Corona’s Grupo Modelo (and no, that doesn’t mean “gruppie model” in Spanish).

Anheuser-Busch is considering dishing out $13 billion for the hand of the beautiful Mexican to make itself less attractive to its unwanted and evil European locust suitor, Europe’s InBev. Romance can be a complicated thing, you see. So you can sure bet that unbridled predatory capitalism can get pretty ugly, too.

Didn’t their mothers ever tell them that international marriages like these never work? At least not the New World Old World or New World Old Europe ones like these, InBev? And this isn’t even a marriage of convenience, should it in fact work out between Budweiser and Corona. It’s a marriage of sheer survival, with InBev the one who’s holding the shotgun.

Kids these days, is all I can say. But once those hormones and salivary glands it’s all over but the crying. When its time for the next Mexican divorce, I mean.

Una cerveza por favor.

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