I have always been a fan of beer. Possibly the fact that my childhood home was an English Pub might have some bearing on the reason why. I have traveled around a little, but I am not a beer snob. Every country has its own favorites, and every country has its beer drinkers.

About 10 years ago I embarked on an ambitious project, Around The World In 80 Beers. However, like most of the silly projects I instigate I did not get to finish it, I think I made it to 30. Some of the articles were based on my travels, and some were new experiences.

One particular beer stands out, AxeHead. This was not so much beer as jet fuel. It only came in 1 liter bottles and packed a 11% wallop. It was only available in Calgary, Alberta and likely contravened most SALT (Strategic Arms Limitation Treaties). I had seen the effect of Axehead and wondered what it might be like for an entire day. Note, Axehead is not a Breakfast beer. But to keep the experiment controlled I dodged a cup of coffee first and went straight into the beer. Beer at 4am is problematic, by 7:30am it was nap time and the rest of the day was a blur.

Yesterday I discovered a delightful and insightful article on the subject of beer. Where is the cheapest  and what are the most popular brands? I view these as questions important to any globe trotting beer drinker. Here is the link, and all I can say is CHEERS.

Simon Barrett

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