According to the Federal Office for Statistics, Germans have less and less Bierdurst (beer thirst) these days. Whereas they used to at least try and live up to that tired old cliché about Germans and beer and would occasionally bathe in the stuff when nobody was looking, their current average level of consumption has dropped to a mere one bottle per day. And that’s not even one of those way cool half liter bottles, either. That’s pitiful people, you make me sick.

But the stuff they’re washing down with it hat es in sich (packs a wallop). Other numbers show that about two million Germans are now hooked on pills and other medication and that this has reached a new high, so-to-speak. This new type of drug abuse is now playing in the major league, right next to traditional alcohol abuse.

Just like back home, or anywhere else these days I guess, there is a pill out there for practically any problem or Weh-Wehchen (little ache or pain) you can think of. That these drugs can often lead to dependency or addiction is something the person taking them doesn’t usually want to think about. And just like back home, everybody else but that person taking the drug is to blame for the results (doctors, advertising, “society” etc.). Or have they started producing lack of self-discipline or responsibility in pill form yet?

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