Actually the TV ad claims it is free, but free often comes with a price tag. The idea behind the site is that in this modern world we all need to protect ourselves and our loved ones from some person that might wish them harm. This is a great quest. One that should always be at the top of our list. have been running a series of TV ad’s, and I decided that it was time to see if I had been verified.

I had two questions, was this service free as advertised? And how accurate was the information they had?

Free? Yes they offer a free 7 day trial, BUT to qualify you must supply a credit card number. Of course this adds to their data trolling database. This makes the 7 day free trial come with some strings. If you sign up for ‘free’, they have more data to add to their treasure trove.

Accurate, I have to give them very high marks. They knew exactly where I lived 15 years ago!
Of course there are people that are into historical items, but having the most up to date information that is a decade and a half old, is hardly something that I would rush out to buy. is not a scam in the true sense of the word, but neither does it live up to the TV hype. The date used by the company is freely available from other sources if you know where to look. The real issue I have with is that they themselves have made no effort to verify the accuracy of the data. They are merely aggregating what may indeed be completely inaccurate and misleading information. I did not have the time or inclination but I am pretty certain that if you plow through the small print you will a clause that translated into English explains that they can not be held responsible for the accuracy of the data.

I could conjure up some interesting hypothetical situations that lead to the court room and serious litigation. Someone denied employment because of inaccurate information supplied by Or even worse employment terminated by a report.

Is the $20 per month charge worth it? I would seriously doubt it. Keep your money in your pocket and use the tried and true method of asking questions of people you meet and using a dose of common sense.

Simon Barrett

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