This discussion about lifting the ban on Hitler’s Mein Kampf in Germany, I mean. And although it’s nothing new when foreigners like me are dismayed about the fact that Mr. Psycho Man’s manifesto is still unavailable here (at least not openly and through the “proper” channels), I vaguely remember having read parts of it once in high school, by the way, it is a bit out of the ordinary when German historians openly push for its republication, now, or even now, or especially now, before the copyright lapses in 2015, that is.

Of course not even these guys are prepared to hand the rag over to their countrymen pur (straight), on the rocks, no chaser, so-to-speak. Germans being Germans and used to experts telling them what and how and sometimes even when to think (mischief makers here, German or otherwise, regularly criticize this pronounced German tendency to Bevormundung or paternalism), these said historian guys want to bring out a special high-speed and highly annotated version of Mein Kampf so they can make absolutely sure that any German reading it knows at all times that this is a very bad book indeed. I mean, we don’t want to cause any misunderstandings and get everybody all riled up again, now do we?

But I don’t know if this is such a sound idea. And not because the Germans who might read the book already know quite well what the deal is. My concern is this thing is already some 700 pages long as it is and by annotating it, well, this could even add more insult to the already grievous injury it is. I mean, if you’re going to take the effort to publish something like Mein Kampf, you don’t have to make it unreadable, it already is.

Is this annotation stuff maybe just some kind of a clever backdoor ban all over again or something? Or maybe these guys are just on LSD. Whoah. The colors.

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