Well, chalk this up to truth in advertising; seriously, Bee Movie is exactly that. A “B” movie, especially when stacked up against an “A” movie like Antz, or “Bugs’ Life” or even more recent fare like “Ratatouille”. Woody Allen sending up himself as an ant unhappy with the way the colony was organized – that was original; Jerry Seinfeld picturing himself as a bee, ditto is just derivative. And the interaction with humans in Ratatouille – that was worked out in a much more logically amusing way. At least it seemed that a rat could be a chef… but millions of bees landing a passenger jet. Oh, well, back to the cartoon drawing board.

It’s not that the talents thrown into ‘Bee Movie” were lightweight or inconsiderable. There was a handful of A-list talent: besides Seinfeld himself and the vocal talents of Renee Zellweger, Rip Torn and Matthew Broderick, plus hundreds of hours of skilled computer animation talent, presumably endless scripts rewrites and conferences around the story board. All of which added up to an inoffensive and inconsequential bit of movie DVD fluff, as forgettable as something on television a couple of nights ago that you weren’t very interested in anyway. A show about nothing, as Mr. Seinfeld himself so memorably quipped of the television vehicle that carried him into celebrity. I watched Bee Movie and the extras (and there is a whole generous disc of extras included for those fans who couldn’t get enough bee comedy in the movie) last weekend, and frankly took nothing particularly memorable away from the experience – although the series of sketches that Seinfeld did to promote Bee Movie were a few degrees funnier and fresher than the movie itself.

Bee Movie is available from Amazon.com and at other retail outlets.

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