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Terrorist Tycoon from Clandestine Action Games is the latest addition to the huge and growing array of tycoon games on the market.

No. Not really. It looks like just anther way Lefties are bending over in submission to the war on terror. Then maybe not. You decide.

With Terrorist Tycoon, you design, build, and manage your ultimate terrorist organization. You’re in control of everything from politics to combat, always keeping your terrorist army content with your leadership and discontent with your enemy.

Spread propaganda through Al Jazeera or Fox News to gain the support of your patriotic terrorists, and use lies and religion to mislead the world opinion to support your invasion of a country rich with resources using any excuse necessary.

Create trade embargos to “prevent the enemy from using medicine for explosives,” or build an economy based on opium to survive. Set up import trade routes for enriched uranium and weapons, but remember to hide your financial transactions so that no-one discovers that your chief arms customer might be your enemy.

Train your combat units in hidden desert camps, experience exciting challenges as your opponents intercept your plans or capture your important leaders, and regroup as former allies become your sworn enemies.

Destroy historical buildings such as the Twin Towers of the former World Trade Center to strike fear in your enemy, or torture your political opponents in the Abu Ghraib prison. Immerse yourself in stunning 3-D effects as bodies are thrown to the ground by a suicide bomber, and watch wounded children drag themselves to safety as your coalition of the willing bombs their homes in your organization’s “defense” against its “enemies.”

Become the most powerful nation on Earth through your skilled leadership and the support of your God, and make you the one that can call your opponents the terrorists: Bring them on!

Spoof or propaganda?

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