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Because I Said So- Movie Review

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“Please just shut up already.”
_ Because I Said So _
Title: Because I Said So
For a romantic comedy to work it has to have many of the same elements that a real romance possesses. There needs to be a rhythm to it. Like a song. There has to be comfortableness in the relationships of the people involved. And it has to include dialogue that isn’t rushed or faked. It has to be real and believable. “Because I Said So” amazingly has none of these elements. And at times even less. It is a shame with the cast they had to work with. But like real romance it takes more than just warm bodies showing up. It has to have a foundation and purpose. The writers failed to follow this rule and the end result is a movie that is a mess of trial and error.
Daphne (Diane Keaton) is a divorced woman days away from her 60th birthday. She avoids this fact by delving into the personal relationships of her youngest daughter Milly (Mandy Moore). Daphne does everything possible to help her daughter find Mr. Right but does it all the wrong way. This scenario has been played out so many times but still can work with the right balance of writing and chemistry. Without it everyone sort of just reads their lines and hopes that it washes out in the end. But it doesn’t. The scenes have no synergy or connection to anything. Sort of like the writers filled three minute segments with what they hoped would be cute, relatable moments. What they got where stiff, uncomfortable moments of mayhem. From the very first scene it was out of sync and stayed that away until the very end.
Blame it on bad directing but Keaton delivers one of the worst performances of her career. She tries too hard to be the ditzy, overbearing, I-wanna-be-cute character and it comes across borderline embarrassing. There is no sympathy for her. This feeling carries over into the rest of the cast as well and by the end you couldn’t care less what happens. You want to see the brilliant Keaton from “Something’s Gotta Give” but the script was too sub-par. You just want it over and done. Lauren Graham and Piper Perabo play Moore’s other two siblings. Both sort of stumble around with looks on their faces that beg for direction. The leading men seem to have the same issues. Tom Everett Scott and Gabriel Macht are both able to deliver strong performances but are strained to find anything to work with.
“Because I Said So” is rated PG-13 for sexual content including dialogue, some mature thematic material and partial nudity. There is a lot of premarital sex alluded to without ever really being shown. As a fan of romantic comedies I truly wanted something good from this one. I tried hard to find anything about it that worked. But I simply could not. I give it 1.5 out of 5 burnt soufflés. Not worth a theater ticket. DVD rental at best. If everything else is checked out. Ok, I’m done. With a look at Because I Said So, I’m Matt Mungle.
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