Becareful of Sadibou Jadama, he is an agent of the NIA- Lamin Drammeh alleges!

“He left Sweden last year on the pretext that he was going to work with the Daily Observer as an Editor.”

“Jadama is a friend of NIA’S Suso  and Lamin Kaba Bajo”

By Lamin Drammeh, Sweden.

Dear Mr. Editor,

I read with keen interest about the postings of Sadibou Jadama.  Your paper should be very mindful about that guy called Jadama. He works with Yahya Jammeh’s government undercover. He is using your paper to sell his image to HE, so that he can  get his long term dream Ministerial job. Sadibou lives with us here in Sweden. He is a failure. Here is a desperate fellow, who wants to use your paper to meet his long term needs.

I was not surprised when I read about his posting on African divorcees. Jadama himself is a victim. His  wife abandoned  him sometime ago. He should have shared his experiences with your readers than using other case studies as an example. There is nothing wrong for my neighbor to share his experiences with your readership. He should explain why he was divorced. What led to his divorce? What is he doing now to solve his stress problem. It takes time before divorcees can recover from such trauma and depression.

Sadibou should be grateful to the West. He came into this country when he was a poor dude with little or no educational background. Thanks to  Sweden, he can now express himself fluently in Swedish and English. For Sadibou to call the West as hypocrites, exploiters, and all that sort, exposes the type of character he is. He is very vindictive.

He left Sweden last year on the pretext that he was going to work with the Daily Observer as an Editor. After spending months in Bakau, he came back, this time saying that Saja Taal undermined him to the authorities. Jadama and I met on a regular basis. He said so many bad things about the Freedom Newspaper. I cannot fathom how he can turn around and write for this paper. That just beats my imagination. Well, that’s  the true nature of some Gambians. They can laugh for you, while they hate you. Not that everything that glitters is gold, Mr. Editor. Please take note

I was introduced to one of his friends Sheriff Bojang. Bojang also had been saying a lot of bad things about the Freedom Newspaper. You guys need to watch your back. Jadama has promised some people in Banjul that he can finish the Freedom Newspaper once he penetrates the Editor. Since he started writing on Freedom, all his articles were directed at countering  your stories. Each time, he writes something he would  call me to say “watch out” my piece will soon hit the screen on Freedom. He makes similar calls to Banjul and elsewhere in Europe.

He recently lied that he has been writing for other Gambian online papers. For the best of my  collection, I’m not aware of Jadama’s  pieces published by other journals other than Freedom. Perhaps,  he started writing for other papers now. Jadama should be honest and stop his fake life.

If  he wants to work with Yahya fulltime, he is free to buy his ticket and  go home. Hiding in the name of “responsible journalism” will not help his case. He is endangering the lives of Freedom staffers by blackmailing them to the authorities. He is a personal friend of Lamin Kaba Bajo. He talks to the man on a regular basis. He also have friends in the Ruling APRC, which I’m not at liberty to reveal due to some political reasons. All what I can tell the Freedom staffers is that,  this man is not trustworthy at all. He is a loose canon bent on undermining your project. I advise that be cautious with your dealings with him.

In as much as, you want to promote divergent views in your paper, refuse to be used by the likes of Jadama, who are only interested to project their image to Yahya Jammeh and his government. I know for a fact that Jadama cannot change your editorial policy, nor is he in the position to discredit your paper, as he promises  the APRC. Always cross check his postings before going to press. This would help to preempt his plans.

Jadama don’t have a fulltime job here in Sweden. All what he does is to rely on the Social Services to take care of himself. He should be grateful to our tax payers as we foot for his bills. Let him prove me wrong if he feels that what I reported here is inaccurate. I have been in this country for the past 20 years. I  know what it takes to live here. Jadama claimed to be a teacher, but in reality he is not a fulltime teacher. He needs to be certified first by the system before he can get a highly paid teaching job here in Sweden.

For your information, Jadama works with the NIA. He have access to their Directorate. He used to be a friend to Daba Marena, Baba Sarho, Salimina Drammeh and Suso. He is still Suso’s friend. You guys got to be very, very careful before Jadama implicate you. He is trying to build a case for them against Freedom. He used to be writing under the banner of pen name insulting your Editorial Board. Visit your old Forum page and see some of his postings. Now that he is coming in the open to impress Suso, Jammeh and others, you guys got to open your eyes. He has a mission to accomplish. Just watch out!!

Editors note: The views of the author do not reflect the position of the Freedom Newspaper. This paper cannot take liability for the author’s content. He is  neither a staffer nor affiliated with the Freedom Newspaper. His views are his views. Period. We thank you for your attention.

Posted on Wednesday, August 08, 2007 (Archive on Thursday, August 30, 2007)
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