Beat the Booze
by Edmond & Helen Tirbutt

This book sets itself out to do something rather nobel. They mean to help people who are drunks to help themselves with their problem. Other parts of the book are for those who are trying to help someone else with the problem. They list all kinds of resources that can help piss-heads when they want to sober up.

Alas its ends up going a bit awry as soon as the first chapter. In the midst of the first few pages the authors encourage drunks to blame their addiction on “society” (“If you have a drink problem you are, to some extent, a victim of society.), brewers and the government. Why is the government at fault? Well they don’t tax the non-drunks more on their booze to make the booze too expensive for the pissheads. IE collective punishment because some people can’t handle their drink.

This is politically correct rubbish at its extreme. In fact there are certain people who are prone to addiction of all kinds. Its down to their genes and it ain’t the fault of anyone else.

This book is holier than thou and patronising to non-drinkers. The authors don’t drink anymore and come across their prose like all those annoying ex-smokers/drinkers/meat eaters you have encountered in your life.

A good resource ruined by wooly-headed PC thinking. Quite a shame really.

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