If you are a Star Trek fan, Christie’s auction house was the place to be on Saturday. CBS Paramount Television decided it was time to unload some of the props used in both the TV shows and the 10 movies. 

Initial estimates were that the auction would bring in $3 million, reality was somewhat different. Star Trek fans are dedicated and determined people. The official total raised was slightly over $7 million. A model of the Enterprise (a good size one, at over 70 inches long!) sold for $576,000.  

Star Trek in one flavor or another has been with us for 40 years. It’s followers are nothing if not loyal, there are Star Trek conventions where fans dress up as their favorite alien, E-Bay is awash with Star Trek stuff, and a Google search on “Star Trek” reveals 67,000,000 hits! 

It has even changed our dictionaries, without Star Trek there would be no Klingon’s, Transporters, or Tricorders.

Gene Roddenbury gave us an enduring classic, the pilot episode that premiered in 1966 was ‘The Cage’. For a pilot it must have created heart failure for the bankers, it was grossly over budget, and the story line was certainly not “The Lucy Show”. 

Over the years Star Trek has broached many modern taboos, the writers have always done a great job of making sure that both sides of the argument are aired. To quote Mr. Spock, “It is entirely logical”. 

More on the Christies auction can be found here.

Simon Barrett



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