Catechetical materials for educating children are often difficult to come by for parish programs geared towards younger (primary school) children. Recently, I had the opportunity to read and review a magnificent work by Lisa Mladinich, Be An Amazing Catechist, Inspire the Faith of Children. Initially, when looking at the book, I was under the misimpression that it was a magazine. However, on further examination, I realized this succinct tabloid type book is really a series of catechetical exercises intended to not only teach precepts of our Catholic faith, but also intended to inspire children into learning more about their faith through Sacred Scripture, Sacramental and Holy Eucharist.

The days of the Baltimore Catechism are long gone, and rightly so. Our Catholic youth live in a technological society that is bombarded with multiple forms of media to attract and maintain their attention. This work, by Lisa Mladinich with its colorful color, magazine format and totally contemporary photographs really excites a student to participate in reading the materials, and participation in the exercises of faith formation. Not only does the book make recommendations for catechists that help plan the instructional materials, it also suggests catechist activities, such as the usage of puppets, post-it notes and poster painting.

The book is filled with sound Catholic teachings on the Sacraments and Sacramentals. It especially provides a superlative resource guide for the catechist, citing multiple websites for additional reading information and sources. The website of the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops, The Vatican, Teaching Kids and Catholic Mom are all listed as additional places that will enhance the teaching experience and develop the student’s appreciation of our Catholic faith.

I had the opportunity to meet the author personally at the Catholic Book Marketing convention this year. Lisa Mladinich offers a contagious zeal and enthusiasm in her writings as an off shoot of her personality to bring Catholic faith to children, families and parish communities. This book will without a doubt be a best seller within weeks. It is available at & .

By the way the cost is $2.95, it is the best amount you could spend to further Catholic education.

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