B.C., the Comic Strip, Turns 50-years-old Today

The Strip was Launched on February 17, 1958 by Johnny Hart

B.C., populated by cavemen, animals and ants, was sometimes controversial

A Look Back at a Solid Strip on the Nation’s Comics Pages 

B.C., the comic strip turns 50 years old today.

A half-century for a comic strip is a pretty good length of time: most comics never get off the ground; those that do: some die with their creators, some die before that.

Now, in the entire scheme of comic strips, we only rate two strips as being in the Super Excellent Category: Calvin and Hobbes and The Far Side, neither which is being drawn anymore.

B.C. always ranked below that–in the “pleasant to read with the occasional really funny strip” category–along with Wizard of Id and Shoe and later, Fox Trot and Dilbert. Of the one-panel strips, Bizarro was in that category.

But, with comics so god-awful these days, B.C. is an old reliable.

From Wikipedia:

B.C. is an American newspaper comic strip created in 1958, written and drawn by Johnny Hart until his 2007 death. It is set in prehistoric times, featuring a group of cavemen and anthropomorphic animals from a variety of geologic eras.

It is among the longest-running strips done by its original creator, having appeared daily in newspapers since February 17, 1958. Hart died last year.

Both Hart’s daughter Perri Hart and his grandson Mason Mastroianni were involved with the strip prior to his death and have taken over the drawing and writing duties, with contributions by Mick Mastroianni. It is syndicated by Creators Syndicate.

One of the things that made B.C. such a “steady” strip was its regular cast of characters.

It became the three-panel equivalent to a solid sit-com.

Who were the regular human and animal characters in the strips?

How was a comic strip controversial?

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B.C., The Comic Strip, Turns 50 Today 


B.C., The Comic Strip, Turns 50 Today

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