It’s an open secret that the Obama administration dislikes the right wing, especially tea party types. So when the press goes out of their way to coverup the administration’s mistakes, such as allowing Susan Rice to insist that Benghazi was a riot caused by a second rate porn film, one can only shake one’s head in dismay.

But why is the BBC allowing one of their producers to do it?

One “biggie” mistake by the administration is the failure to follow up on Russia’s warnings that the Tsarnaev brothers were associating with known Chechnyan terrorists, and that they might cause problems.

This wasn’t as bad as Clinton and Bush’s people ignoring the “headsup” from flight instructors that some Arabs were trying to learn how to take off but not land airplanes, but it does seem a bit on the dense side.

But now, even the BBC is hitting the Obama’s favorite “strawman”, one does wonder what is going on: Presumably their producer is part of culture of “the Town” (a novel about the insular world of the Washington elite) and is trying to protect her own by producing a program about the Boston Bombers that claims they were not Islamicist terrorist, but in reality influenced by the evil right wing. The BBC headline about the program even says:

“Tamerlan Tsarnaev had right-wing extremist literature” literature.

The problem? That is only partly true.

Apparently, Tsarnaey had white suprecist literature in his flat.

Check. Most folks consider that right wing.

But when he commented that “Hitler had a point”, well, alas that meme is more likely found on islamacist sites.
But then it gets murky:

The programme discovered that Tamerlan Tsarnaev possessed articles which argued that both 9/11 and the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing were government conspiracies.

Reality check: The 911 “truthers” were left wing in origin, pointing to the evil Bushes planning the attack as an excuse to “steal” the oil of the middle east.

The Oklahoma city bombing conspiracy, however, is more complicated: few point to the government causing it, but many, including the many hard headed Oklahomans who refused to give Terry Nicols the death penalty,  suspect a government cover up of those who helped the bombers. For example, the leaders of the white supremist cult (who helped the bombers) were FBI informants.  And many Filipinos think that Nicols met with Alqaeda operatives in Makati, meaning a possible middle eastern connection. Then there is the problem of “John Doe number three”.

In other words, Oklahoma city is an equal opportunity conspiracy, but since Clinton used the bombing to destroy the Newt Gingrich Republicans, I guess you could list those under right wing conspiracies.

The “anti gun” literature is also cited as an evidence of a right wing connection, but remember, this is the modern UK, where Mrs. Miniver would be arrested for defending herself with a gun.

Yet many Democrats are gun owners: when I lived in rural Pennsylvania, most of the UMW type Democrats were pro gun hunters, (the high schools even had a holiday when deer season started) so this issue actually cuts across party lines.

Then the BBC cites more material that is far from being popular on the right:

There was also material about US drones killing civilians, and about the plight of those still imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay.

“He (Tamerlan) just didn’t like America. He felt like
America was just basically attacking all Middle Eastern countries…you
know trying to take their oil.”

If those opinions are radical right wing opinions, then someone should tell this to the UKGuardian, who publishes similar opinions all the time.

The article then goes on to the crux of the problem: The brothers got radicalized by their mom and other relatives in the old country. The problem is radical Islam, but not “Islam” as in religion, but “Chechnyan style terrorists who happen to claim to be Muslims”, which has to do with that country’s war against Russia, and whose terrorists make AlQaeda look like school boys.

But why do we wait for paragraph 25 to find that out?

Answer: because when grandmom’s LOL cat emails are being monitored by the NSA, and when everytime you google there is a copy of the information sent to a data center in Utah, you need to have a “strawman” enemy to blame.

Heh. I wonder if the brothers listened to Rush Limbaugh?


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. She studied in Boston and has relatives in the area. She also sends LOLcat emails to Middle Eastern countries, where she has friends and relatives.

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