BB Darboe Leaks Jawara secret files to the junta-Lamarana Jallow alleges!!

BB Darboe accused of leaking Jawara’s
private files????

By Lamarana Jallow, son of the Gambia, Banjul

Dear Mr. Editor,

Due to pressing  official errands, I  was unable get back to your dear readers. I’m back with full force. This time, I’m reporting about the officials who contributed to Sir Dawda’s fall. It’s unfair and totally dishonest on the side of Bakary Bunja Darboe to bury the truth. BB should be the last person to open his big mouth to preach decency to us Gambians. BB Darboe betrayed Sir Dawda and the PPP elites. His return to Banjul was all about “Greed and love for personal aggrandizement.” Period. The guy was out there to accomplish a  mission and also his own selfish interest. BB’S biggest blunder was to abandon Sir Dawda, Sarra Jagnha, Saihou Sabally and others in the name of rescuing our dear country. BB instead ,helped the junta to steal our funds. He was the one who disclosed the nation’s foreign reserves, Sir Dawda’s overseas assets, and other secrets of the PPP administration to the junta. As a former Finance Minister and Vice President it was easy for BB to access any file at the time. He leaked a lot of information to the junta with the sole expectation of achieving his desired goal(s). BB knows what I meant by that. I don’t need to go further. He reached a deal with the junta to disclose all  what he knew  about the PPP to head the Finance Ministry during his short period in office. BB never resigned. One should not waste his time debating over such a trivial issue. Let him provide his resignation letter. He will never provide one for the rest of his life. Perhaps, he can fake one now, but BB was  forced to leave office. I was among the first batch of sympathizers who visited him at his residence shortly after his removal.

True, he was harassed by the junta after he had fallen out with them. When news of the November 11  foiled coup was unveiled, BB fled the country. The team of soldiers who were dispatched to trail him, I have the records in my hand. Sana Sabally was very mad when he learnt that BB had indeed left the country. It was good that he was out of the country. There is no doubt in my mind that BB was going suffer like Basiru Barow and others. The NIA report painted him as a common criminal with vicious intent. He was accused of conspiring with the mutineers to end the junta’s era.  Samba Bah, Landing 13 Badjie, Foday Barry and others were privy to the said report.

BB Darboe cannot say that he was not indicted by the Commission. I have a copy of the white paper report, which linked him to massive corruption. BB uses funds of the Gambian government to pay for his kids school fees abroad. We have the records before us here. Lets BB deny this and I will scan these documents and email it to the Freedom Newspaper. BB should stop issuing cheap statements to win the hearts and minds of Gambians. He lost the respect and admiration he used to command in the Gambia. People hardly remembered who BB Darboe was. His sudden change of heart towards the junta had undermined his hard earned political records. BB Darboe can be best remembered as ” an enemy of Gambia’s democracy.” His legacy has been buried in the dustbin of history so to speak. BB has nothing to  brag of. He allowed to be used and there is no amount of image building that can sharpen his battered image.

BB left the Gambia for  two major reasons. Chiefly, his alleged involvement on the November 11 coup. His case file is still with the NIA. Two, his past activities to manipulate the Scholarship board to award scholarships to his family. BB uses his position to mount pressure on these public officials to provide funds worth millions of dalasis to pay for his kids tuition fees. BB cannot deny that his kids educational expenses were not footed by the PPP government. BB was not the only Minister guilty of such practices under Jawara’s era. It was common practice. Some deserving students  who came from poor backgrounds were marginalised for ntohing.

BB Darboe is not decent as he want  to make us believe. His arguments against the junta are rendered unbelievable since he aided and abetted the devil Yahya Jammeh. Like Colonel Sarr, BB too dares say anything against Jammeh. The same BB Darboe used to have dinner with Jammeh at the State House. Underestimating Jammeh’s intelligence, unsuspecting BB never noticed that one of the reasons he was invited to work with the junta was to sell Jawara’s private information to them. BB had no choice upon his arrival in Banjul  but to disclose where the PPP monies were  kept. Jammeh was no fool to entrust him with the Finance Ministry for nothing. Most of the adverse findings made against Jawara were possible, thanks to BB.  What can BB tell me about the crude oil story?  Who was the Finance Minister during the period in question? Hawa Sisay Sabally led the team of investigators to Panama, but we know who leaked the classified files. I can give time and date of the said meetings. Jawara was a victim of betrayal. His own former colleagues betrayed him.

The defense BB used to justify his Banjul return was just too weak. You said coups are illegal and undemocratic, yet you accepted to work for an illegal government. How can you work with robbers and thieves? BB needs to apologize to Gambians for being economical with the truth. BB should confess to his past mistakes and we move on as a nation. Waiting until the inevitable day, don’t worth  it. I’m positive that Jammeh is going pretty soon. BB should tell his kids, grand kids and the Gambian public about his major political blunder by accepting to work with the junta.

I used to be very close to BB. I briefly worked under him. That doesn’t mean that he can second guess about my true identity. I used to have love and respect for this man. His disappointed us when he departed from  the democratic ideals he had been preaching over the years. BB is nothing but a fake. He got to confess before it’s too late. I’m signing off for now. I will be back with more revelations.

Editors note:The views of the author, does not  necessarily reflects the position of the Freedom Newspaper.This paper cannot be held liable for the contents of the writer’s allegations. He is entitled to his opinion just like Mr.Darboe. We respect Mr.Darboe as a former statesman and shall continue to accord him the same respect. As a former public official, Mr.Darboe should do justice to himself and clear the air. These allegations are revealing so to speak.

Posted on Sunday, May 27, 2007 (Archive on Tuesday, June 26, 2007)
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