A new debate has been sparked within the lower house of Italy’s government that no one really saw coming though common sense tells me that they should have. Italy’s lower house is home to the very first transvestite politician in the history of Europe. Vladimir Luxuria was born a man but prefers to wear women’s clothing but has not undergone the surgical procedure to become a woman. The former drag queen was elected to the lower house back in April and is a strong supporter of gay rights.

The debate that is being brought up however is not over Luxuria being a transvestite, but actually it’s about which bathroom she should use. Luxuria was recently verbally accosted by another member of the house when she entered the woman’s bathroom. Luxuria reported being told “You can’t use this lavatory. This is the women’s bathroom,” by centre-right lawmaker Elisabetta Gardini. In response, Gardini said through one of her spokesmen “I saw him there and I really felt sick,” she has already written a protest letter to parliament officials.

The question has now been raised on what to do about the situation and lawmakers are pushing for a third “transgender” bathroom to be created just for Luxuria. Unfortunately this is an idea that is being met with some criticism because the construction of a new bathroom for Luxuria would already push the government’s already high bathroom budget even higher. Currently the upper house alone has a bathroom budget of 2 million euros ($2.5 million). Other liberal leaning members of the house are saying that to even suggest the idea is discrimination tantamount to racism.

Parliament fights over transgender MP toilet (Reuters)

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