Battestella's Vampire Family Accepted With Mardi Gras by Leigh Wood.   She's only 25, but Kristin Battestella has been writing for 15 years.  Known in print and online mostly for her
nonfiction, reviews, and articles, Battestella is moving to the forefront of the e-publishing underground.   Currently Battestella is nearing the middle of her serial run at Gothic  Her 'vampires versus
science' novella Blood Type: V is entering Chapter 5 of a planned 10 part intstallment.  Still active on the
review front, readers will soon see Kristin's analysis of The Jacket in Issue 1 of The Blue Lady, and her
postings at Fire Fox News, Flames Rising, and Creative Singularity can be found online.  Battestella also
writes news and opinions for her county paper, The Reminder.
Hopefully tidbit nonfiction won't become passe for the recently accepted author.  Mardi Gras Publishing has
Kristin's novel The Vampire Family to a future e-book release and possible print release.  The dark and
macabre yet cautionary tale of a vampire patriach and his family's subsequent struggles with power actually
came to the author in high school.  Early incarnations of the story couldn't come out fast enough for fellow
classmates, and years later, Battestella matured the tale into the version accepted by Mardi Gras.  In 2005, Kristin's first e-book The Adventures of Pave was published by the now defunt Lilac Books.  She is
currently at work on a short horror story called The Haberdasher, and has several alternative projects planned
under a pen name.  Eventually, Battestella would like to complete her long standing science fiction epic,
tenatively titled The Centaurians.   Look for Battestella at her  Yahoo group for reading, writing, and book chats. Free holiday goodies
are currently available at the club. Visit Kristin's official website at for her blog,
pictures, and excerpts. The site's title For Flying Servants Only....... is actually derived from a line in
The Vampire Family.
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