After a deluge of rain with water drainage problems all over town on Friday, Saturday turned out to be a perfect day for an outdoor arts festival. The festival weather couldn’t have come at a better time since this was the 30th Anniversary of the Baton Rouge Fest-For-All. The artists were superb this year. There were many excellent displays of alluring art. If my pocketbook would have allowed, many of the pieces would have come home with me!

The “Childrens Section” could be found at the end of North Boulevard, across from the quirky water fountains, there were a dozen or so exhibits and activities for the young and young-at-heart. This year there were many crafty projects to keep the children busy. They could make pottery, paint, work with chalk and of course get their faces painted for starters. And as the heat cranked it up a notch many took advantage of the cool water spouting up intermittently in front of the new Art Museum.

The musical artists were also excellent. I found the La-la/Zydeco music much to my liking and the soft sounds of the Celtic folk were soothing to my soul. It was a perfect day to sit under a tree with a cold drink, catch a breeze and nod off to La-la land, so that is just what I did. Some were more engaged with the cajun sounds and took to the streets dancing the afternoon away.

Fest-For-All 2007 was a blast! The weather was great but there was enough heat to remind me of the Dog-Days a comin’… It is now officially cut-offs and sandals season!
Fest-For-All 2007

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