Every time I open news columns of western writers I have found that most of them are earning their livelihood or managing to stay in the work by bashing Muslims countries. Indeed Islam is the only relion that earns a lot of trps to chat shows and debates on TV. It is the only religion that has helped many politicians win elections. ie. George Bush, Tony Blair, and Narendra Modi as well his party BJP in India.Islam is the only religion against which more than 60,000 books have been written in the West between 1800 to 1950.( The Times 16 April 1979) It happens to be the only religion on which thousands of websites thrive by hurling childish allegations. Indeed Islam is a marketing  product.

Jimmy Swaggart, Jerry farewell  Pat Robertson who are not good Christians themselves have gained a lot of publicity by speaking against Qur’an. More publicity to these Missionaries means more donations.

What ever happens in a Muslim country becomes a big news in the West. Out of 2317  American women in the US raped every day ( FBI report) each is educated enough and has potential of being 100 times louder  and effective than Mukhtar Mai . There is yet to be a Mukhtar Mai among them. A Mukhtar Mai from Muslim country receives an award in the US for being vociforous against rape, but no US women has appeared in the news receiving such award!  No wonder the Western Media finds certain sheep from the community and highlight it as a  certificate of demerit of Muslim nations. I pity Mukhtar Mai when she choose the US to go and scream about her rape. I can understand if she had gone to Saudi where there is a death penalty for the rapist. But in US! its  a laughing matter. A country which enjoys one of the most lenient laws in punishing a rapist is chosen as a stage to scream aloud about her rape.

The New York Times ” columnist Nicholoas D. Kristof writes regular columns about hard times of Muslim women in Pakistan but he has yet to speak up for his own country women.

I feel that this is  the centre point where the volcano of the clash of civilisations seems to be at boiling point.


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