A man died in West Virginia recently as his parachute didn’t open in time following a leap from a 876 foot bridge. The death was part of the Bridge Day festival, where hundreds of people come to jump from the bridge.

And the part that is hard to ponder, is that the jumping continued following the recovery of the man’s body in the river below. Most people could not see the man actually hit the water, but they knew of his death. Yet, they continued to jump anyway.

Part of me feels that this is entirely inappropriate. One of their fellow base jumpers die and they continue to jump the very same day. No cancellation out of respect to the man or his family, just more jumping.

Yet, another part of me can see how they would wish to continue. This isn’t a festival celebrating the harvest or a town’s 200th anniversary. This is a festival about jumping off a bridge and falling through 876 feet of air. The possibility of death had to have loomed in the minds of the jumpers from the beginning. Thus they continued to jump. Maybe in memorial, or maybe because they traveled to West Virginia, thus, they might as well jump off a bridge.

Either way, It leaves a bad taste in my mind. I guess, I won’t be jumping off any bridges anytime soon.



Fox and CNN report on the story as well.

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