This week on Sundays program we will be exploring the world of Arson. It is a complex crime, oh not complex to commit, rather, I mean complex in the reasons why it occurs. Sometimes it is a crime of pure stupidity, sometimes a crime of hate, sometimes a crime of insanity, and sometimes a crime for pay. And those are just a few of the driving forces! It is however always a very serious crime, the consequences of being found guilty can result in the Death Penalty.

We plan on exploring many of the aspects of the crime of arson. But as the saying goes… The best laid plans of mice and men

Joining us on the program will be a couple of guests, Denny Griffin and Andrew DiDonato. People know Denny as the guy that writes books about the mob, but prior to becoming an author he was a state investigator in New York. While arson was not his specialty, it was an area that did cross his path from time to time.

Andrew DiDonato is name that should be very familiar if you follow the world of Organized Crime. He was a Gambino Family associate who found himself on the wrong side of both the law and the Gambino family.

Torch Jobs were just one weapon in the toolbox of organized crime. While Andrew is still bound by agreements with the Federal Government which prevent discussion over specific events still under investigation, he has agreed to talk in general terms about how Arson is used in the Cosa Nostra.

I do hope that you will join us on Sunday at 4pm, to listen live, just use this link.

Simon Barrett


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