This week the team of Mannie Barling and Simon Barrett decided to explore the world of information piracy. It takes many forms, from books and other documents, to music and movies, and also Computer Software.

Joining us on air were health researcher and author Ashley F. Brooks, well respected attorney Peter Haven, and author and social observer Sam Moffie. I think it fair to say that for one reason or another all of us on the panel have a vested interest in protecting our Intellectual Property.

Some readers right about now are saying something like ‘Who cares, I am not a writer, musician, or film maker, this whole subject has no relevance to me’. You are wrong! You do not have to be a content creator to become a victim. By default you are a victim of the greed of others. You are a victim in the price you pay, and the restrictive layers of DRM (Digital Rights Management) incorporated in your DVD, CD, eBook etc.

A really interesting theme that came up on air was that Content Creators are often not seeking punitive remedies of those that steal content, more often than not the problem is in how the material is used , abused and attributed.

Peter Haven brought up another piracy issue, material is sometimes pirated not for financial gain but for more spiteful reasons, to spoil the financial benefits that the rightful owner might stand to make. His comments about OJ Simpsons very controversial (memoir) If I Did It were very thought provoking. I had heard bits and pieces of the back story but never the the big picture. There is no one that knows more about If I Did It than Peter. He was the attorney that wrestled the book rights from OJ Simpson for the Goldman family.

Mannie Barling and Ashley F. Brooks are the authors of several books and they too have had their fair share of problems with various aspects of information piracy. Many of their articles turn up ‘scraped’ and re-posted on web sites, often with no attribution.

I suffer from the same problem, and for the most part just ignore the problem. Trying to curtail the piracy is akin to playing Whack-A-Mole.

Sam Moffie brought up an interesting aspect, to date he is not aware of a piracy issue (yet) with his eBook versions of his novels, he is still caught up in the ongoing problem. He is a Bar owner and has a jukebox. Music licensing fees cost him almost $2000 per year. Here is a legitimate business owner paying to help offset the huge problem with music piracy.

If you missed the live broadcast, you can listen to the recording here.

Simon Barrett

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