In humble homage to the Prolate Spheroid we have decided to take a week off. No program on Sunday. OK so what is a Prolate Spheroid you ask? Well it is subtly different from an Oblate Spheriod.

According to a PhD Richard E. Barrans Jr. an oblate spheroid describes the shape of an M&M candy:

Its axis of symmetry is shorter than its other axes.

A prolate spheroid on the other hand is completely different:

its axis of symmetry is longer than its other axes

Well that should clear up any confusion.


OK, well if I was to tell you that a prolate spheroid is an oval in a 3 dimensional shape, would that help?

Sunday is the Super Bore so we have decided to watch TV and eat Chips n Dips rather than spar on the radio. I have no clue who is in the Super Bore, but I am pretty certain it is not the Saints, it has been very quiet around the house for the past few weeks. I am also fairly convinced that the San Diego Chargers are not involved. Someone would have told me!

So Mannie and I have decided that on Sunday we need to watch the Prolate Spheroid debacle.

We will be back, assuming we survive the ordeal on Sunday.

Simon Barrett    

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