Although the ‘theory’ behind the program is to explore the legal aspects of current high profile crime cases, We do love to stray into just about every subject under the sun. This week was no exception, My less than cunning plan was to talk about the legal ramifications of Obamacare. It sounded simple, I would ask the ‘man in the street’ questions, and my good friend, veteran Trial Lawyer Mannie Barling would explain the legal aspects.

Of course listening to Mannie and I bicker would be boring, so we always have guests.  This week we were joined by a great mix.

John Perry is the owner of Sunset Protective Services, the name may not ring a bell, but his client list is jaw dropping. I won’t mention his latest adventure, but I was revealed on air. John is marginally right wing of Attilla The Hun, and loves to debate. He is highly educated and well read, he is my kind of guest!

Also joining the fray was another of my favorite people, Sam Moffie. Sam is an author, a bit of an activist, and also a small Business owner. He actually shares many of the same ‘right wing’ views that John has.

Our third guest was Ashley F. Brooks. She has a much more down to earth view on the subject of healthcare. She is an RN, and also has fought her own battles with Healthcare.

It was an interesting program!

About the only thing that we all agreed on was that we disagree.

Obamacare has many pro’s and con’s. Parts make sense, but other parts do not
If you missed the live broadcast, fear not, for posterity ir was recorded. You can listen to it here.

Simon Barrett

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