It is with great sadness that I write this article. Woolly Wostenholme apparently took his own life yesterday. This is a musician that will be greatly missed.

Barclay James Harvest formed in 1966 and while they never made it big in the lucrative US music market were an important element in the emerging Prog Rock scene in the UK. There are few fans of Prog that do not have some Barclay James Harvest albums in their collections.

In the BJH website is the following announcement:

It is with profound sorrow that we have to announce the passing of Woolly Wolstenholme. In recent weeks Woolly’s mental health had taken a turn for the worse and sadly he took his own life on Monday 13th December 2010. In this difficult time our thoughts are with Woolly’s partner, Sue. We would ask all of Woolly’s fans to remember his incredible contribution to popular music and his unique presence on stage

Every great Prog band had a great keyboard player, and that was Woolly. An early adopter of the Mellotron and subsequently various Synthesizers, a great man, with a great talent.

My sympathies go out to Woolly’s loved ones. I know that at this time it is hard to be positive, but please remember Woolly for the wonderful gift he gave the world through his music. He will be sadly missed but his many fans. And I count myself in that number.

I think this snippet of lyrics from their first album are appropriate:

Dark now my sky
The sea of peace has left my shore
No birds cry
The silent spring will overflow
Oh you’ll never know
I love you so
You’ll always be
A part of me

Simon Barrett

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