A group of giant, hungry snails that were first found in Barbados five years ago has lived on the tropical island and destroyed their crops forcing the government to eliminate the slimy pests.

A “snail hunt” conducted at night last weekend reported locating hundreds of thousands of giant African snails teeming around the central parish of St. George, the country’s agricultural source. Farmers had complained of damage to crops including sugar cane, bananas and papayas due to the snails.

“We saw snails riding on each other’s backs and moving in clusters,” according to David Walrond, chairman of the local emergency response office that is behind a group of 60 volunteers organized mainly for the snail hunt. “You’re just crunching the shells as you’re walking through.”

The volunteers sprayed government-supplied pesticides in furrows and other cool, low-lying areas where the snails usually thrived in and breed. The volunteers went out after dark to catch the snails who normally emerge from their hiding places during nighttime after spending the entire day below the ground.

Walrond’s group will continue to spray on the snails in a span of three weekends. The giant snails would grow to the size of a human hand and could consume as much as 500 different plants. Their mucous can be dangerous since it can transmit meningitis and other diseases. http://www.spiritualityguide.com

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