While we on the Right
continually fight
your choice of cures
for America’s plight.

We understand!

We understand your hate
for a system too late
to rescue some people
from an unjust fate.

We understand!

We understand that you desire
that each of us be the same
in health, wealth and status
all winners in life’s great game.

We understand!

But that’s not the way it works Barack,
your way just won’t work here;
not in this country
born with the sweat
and the blood of the pioneer.

No never here!

For this great land,
from sea to shining sea,
is a patriot’s dream become reality
a true land of opportunity.

Incentive Barack . . .
the word you forgot!

Opportunity without incentive
is doomed to wither and die.
And incentive, it seems,
is a concept lost
in your world of economic lies.

Your promises of equality and
governmental charity;
will simply bring more poverty,
more economic disparity.

And don’t dare propose to spread our wealth
this is not a socialist dole!
Don’t shred our Constitution
as a balm for your troubled soul!

We believe you’re a decent man Barack
but a man deluded by sympathy;
you want to lead us down your path
the path of a failed ideology.

We understand you well Barack
we simply can’t agree,
your plans fulfilled and promises kept
would bring America to its knees!

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