Martin Luther King Jr.  Was born on January 5, 1929.  A wonderful pioneer, more than a pioneer a blessing on all mankind.  He has done more for America in his time then most people living in our great nation could ever claim.  I for one am not a hater, racist, bigot none of it.  I love all regardless of race.  To me it’s a waste of time and energy to feel ill will towards anyone just because they don’t look like me.  I am proud to report that Barack Obama will be Inaugurated the President of the United States the day after Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  Not because I am a Democrat, or a Republican for that matter.  I don’t lay claim to any party.  Its because I am a HUMAN.  And I see nothing wrong with our new president.  

Martin Luther King Jr. Day  is preceding an event I think Mr. King dreamed about his whole life.  I think he would be very proud and confident in our soon to be presidents ability to handle things in his future office.  I only wish he was here to see it today.  There are so many people who get to witness and experience this monumental event in our nations history.  It’s amazing.  I am not celebrating for faction, I am celebrating for equality among man kind.  Who knows what will happen in 8 years.  I look forward to what we will get next after his time in office is done.  I look forward to the way America is moving in this millenium.  I look forward to the evolution of this great nation.

 My Grandfather was born and raised in a different time then me.  He use to have a certain way of thinking that went with him  into old age, its gone now has been for some time.  I admire him for being able to see the world through a different perspective, giving up the old, learning to love regardless.  I find that admirable in the old man.  My mom got him a Barack Obama presidential collectors plate.  He loved it.  When everyone but my mother and grandfather left the room he looked over his glasses and said ” I do appreciate your kind sense of humor”.  And my Grandfather put his new plate up for display. 

The nation has evolved into a great place for everyone of all shapes, sizes, and colors to feel free and confident in there home.  Thank you Martin Luther King Jr..  Thank you Barack Obama.  Thank you  American’s.  The future is looking great from where I stand today.  I can only hope that the rest of America embraces it and accepts it like I have.  Regardless of ones frame of mind.  Regardless, We are embarking on a voyage.  One America is a virgin to.

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