Barack Obama will be visiting St. Louis this Saturday to hold a rally at the Arch grounds. The rally will be held from noon to 3pm. Attendees will be allowed entrance at 10:15am. John McCain will be visiting New Town, St. Charles this Monday. Attendees will be allowed entrance at 7am and the rally will begin at 9am. Tickets will be required for this event.  More information can be found at and .

It is important for people to attend these events and really listen to what the candidates have to say. This is not the time just to vote republican or democrat just because it is what you have always done. This is one of the most important elections in recent history, and when Americans vote this time around they need to know what and for whom they are voting for.

Our country is in dire need of change, and we are desperately in need of a president that can bring a positive change. As parents most of us know how bad the financial crisis is and many families are finding themselves homeless. We need a president that can help people stay in their homes, help those who have lost their homes and one who will give us hope that a brighter future is on the way.

Recently, my 13 year old daughter had a friend over, and when my daughter was begging for something frivolous from the store her friend replied, “Geez! Why do you want to spend money so much? Don’t you even care about the price of gas these days?” This was so shocking to hear from a 12 year old little girl. Why would a 12 year old that doesn’t drive care about the price of gas? Why would she worry about being careful with money?

Being a parent this statement from a little girl really hits hard. Our economy is in such a horrendous state that even the children have been affected and they realize it. They realize that the items that were once so easily bought for them aren’t available. They are hurt when they are taken out of extracurricular activities because their parents can no longer afford it. They notice that their once home cooked meals have become grilled cheese and tomato soup on a regular basis. The children sense the stress from their parents, and understand that something in this country is terribly wrong.

Our children are our future and the future of this country. Currently they are in line to inherit a trash dump. Please register to vote if you haven’t, and before you vote be sure to really look at the candidates. For your children, take the time to be sure that you have made the right decision. And in case you are wondering, my vote will be going to Barack Obama.

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