Bernie Banton, the man who led the fight against James Hardie in order to get a compensation fund established for victims of asbestos exposure, has revealed that he has been diagnosed with peritoneal mesothelioma and may have just months to live. Mesothelioma is a form of cancer that results from exposure to asbestos.

Banton has revealed that he will be suing James Hardie for compensation from the trust fund that was set up as a result of the fight that he led. According to his lawyers the tumors that have been found were caused through exposure to asbestos from when he worked at James Hardie.

She stated: “The only known cause in Australia for mesothelioma is exposure to asbestos, so there is no question that he has got this from his work at James Hardie. It’s a completely separate disease. He had been suffering from asbestosis, which is a disease of his lungs.”

She also stated that although Mr banton was still in shock he wanted to ensure that his family was financially secure after he had gone. She added: “Also, Bernie is determined to make sure he receives compensation for this terrible injury and the company is held responsible for its actions.”

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