Banjul-So much to say everyday. Jammeh’s HIV/AIDS Bank account-Fraudulent Intensions.

By Hamadi Maasina-Security and political affairs correspondent.
Sometimes when one looks at our country and its people it seems as if choices are no longer out there. Our case is beyond hopelessness or despair. Our’s is a loud volume of crying mouths. There is an old African proverb that says:”You do not ask the starving person to wash his or her hands when a bowl of food is placed in the middle of the yard”. This is why no one needs to tell Gambians that they should really have to change the Yahya Jammeh regime without delay. Theyalready know this. They are just helpless and too hungry to be able to fight. The thick layers of confusion aren’t only cumbersome,they are stagnant and stinking from within. The Yahya Jammeh led regime simply stinks! It is not only garbage,it is  garbage mixed with toxic waste. That is what makes it worse than littered remains,because littered remains can be turned into manure,whereas this system is toxic. Toxic waste eats everyhting good up in the most acidic way one can ever imagine.
Yahya Jammeh’s HIV/AIDS Bank account leaving clear cut lope holes and scary leads…
Yahya Jammeh’s advisers (the last aimless hunters on the line with him) think they have scored another goal with another infantile and very very loud announcement. They rushed to the GRTS, The daily observer that observes everything Yahya does with excessive subjective analyses. They stood above our faces only to smoke us again with unwise lies. They lie and are not wise when they lie. Yahya said he has opened a bank account to attract funds for the cure of what? HIV/AIDS?
The bank account was opened and announced forthwith,because Yahya says he is so transparent? Damn the devil! There are two questions for YahyabJammeh and his cohorts here.
1-Why open the bank account at the Islamic Bank in Banjul,the capital city of The Gambia at this time?
2-Why didn’t Yahya and his people provide the bank’s routing number or ABA to go with the announcement?

Gambian banks. Banking as a money launderer is not as clean laundering one’s clothes!

Opinions:Yahya Jammeh chose the Islamic development bank for other obvious reasons. He chose the bank because of wanting to exploit the essence of its name in the Arab world or in ultra radical places where emerging anti western donors are ready to link up with crazy heads like him.
This account is being publicised with deep ulterior motives that cannot be hidden for more than a year.The account is meant to hide money laundering schemes from unwanted elements. For sure Yahya Jammeh and his people know that routing numbers leave international traces that cannot be hidden when followed. They also know that transactions like huge donations cannot be completed without routing numbers if the whole process is to go by TRANSPARENT siwft bank transfers etc. Now why has Yahya chosen to sell the account number but refused to expose the routing number? He may he do so later on,however, with more layers from his onion of falsehood. Everything about Yahya’s off shore banking schemes has always been handled through the Standard Bank OR the defunct Continent Bank. He also has traces at the Trust Bank because of the YDE and Baba Jobe. All of sudden Yahya Jammeh chooses the Islamic bank? Certainly he has recruited more STUPID agents within the country. The Islamic bank could be worse in this case. This is where Yahya will lean on religion,health and his latest sermons geared towards an anti western hegemony, a lesson he received from Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and Ahmadineja of Iran during their last visit to Banjul. This is a new way for him to be able to siphon more funds from International bandits.
Now if this coincides with the innauguration of a communication machine in Abuko, where he was flanked by poker players from Miami,then what else? This for sure  means so much. Yahya forgets that his tail is being trailed by others. He always forgets that. Why didn’t Yahya urge donors to buy treasury bills from the government then use part of the funds to increase the budget of the department of health then? This is just one example,there are many more to come and expose Yahya Jammeh’s unwise ways of telling lies.
Using the Islamic bank is not wrong for any other reason except when someone like Yahya is ready to promote money laundering for so-called Islamic radicals in poor Gambia. The name HIV/AIDS is nothing but a mask for Yahya Jammeh the president of The Gambia. When it comes to generating money for his personal use Yahya Jammeh can be a prey of any dangerous bandit from any part of the globe.  However,this latest way is just too dangerous for him and our country to say the least.

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Posted on Tuesday, March 06, 2007 (Archive on Tuesday, March 20, 2007)
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