Banjul a new Kampala in Africa,Idi Jemus Dada-Jammeh.

By A Staff Writer.
Banjul a new Kampala in Africa,Idi Jemus Dada-Jammeh.
No one should ever be tempted or envy Yahya Jammeh’s track record.This is the new face of another Idi Amin in Africa. We all remember Idi Amin’s crude and furious “I don’t know” replies during  interviews he conducted with BBC’s Robin White. These were the days when former President Julius Nyerere had to forcefully remove the shameless and crazy Dada from power. Idi Amin and Yahya Jammeh have so much in common. They like dancing and partying with sweet eighteen girls while calling themselves spiritual leaders or Imams. This is the very reason why Idi Amin staged the Entebe scenario. What the hell! The guy was grilled by the Israeli elite forces like a wet rooster. 
During those days trained commandos like the former PM of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu were serving in the Israeli army.Idi Amin said he was  defending Uganda against the Jewish state from what he called a planned Zionist attack? How would Idi Amin defend people he roasted and ate? He was not defending Uganda,instead he was killing them. Today we have a photocopy of Idi Amin in The Gambia. He calls himself a doctor,a herbalist and a spiritual leader. This man is Yahya Jammeh. When Yahya came to power he paraded people along the Kairaba avenue asking yard owners and potential businessmen to vacate their houses by force. The same actions were copied from Idi Amin, as Dada too chased Indian-Ugandans out of the country like mice after taking over power by force.
Most of the Indian-Ugandans did not even know where Delhi was let alone have a home there. But! Dada cared less. He was seen brandishing his King’s baton in the streets saying all sorts of crazy things. Who helped remove Idi from power? A seasoned and well respected African Intellectual Julius Nyerere. Nyerere was of course not a war monger. He had to step in and teach the loud Amin a lesson that is,power belongs to the people. What happened afterwards? Idi Amin ran out of Uganda like a shameless pig. He in his fake mind rushed to Mecca saying he is a good muslim.  A good muslim? Idi Amin? I will leave the rest to those who know Idi Amin more than I do. This thread of being a good muslim,devout christian or spiritual leader is what dictators use as a last resort. The moment a dictator reaches that stage means he or she(we are yet to see a she dictator in Africa anyway), has finally attained the medals of excessive use of power. This stage could be dangerous for a society where the leader is unlettered and callous. This is why intellectual prostitutes choose to worship such leaders. They do so because they are selfish and power hungry like the leader himself. Infact many believe that dishonest intellectuals are more dangerous than so-called leaders like Idi Amin or Yahya Jammeh. Look at Idi Amin’s movie,STATE OF BLOOD and compare the scenes to what is obtaining in The Gambia today then judge. As the common term says…”RAK-TAK” the sights and sounds are exactly the same!
The latest is coming from the UTG-University of The Gambia. A university calling Yahya Jammeh a doctor of civil law? I hope this will help him after receiving damning reports from every part of the globe? Where was the dean of the university when South African AIDS/HIV activists were reviewing Yahya Jammeh’s crazy sermons vis-a-vis him being a herbalsit who can cure HIV/AIDS on BBC? Where was this silly dean when Yahya Jammeh was “bashing” his personnel after cooking up a coup in march 2006? Where was this silly dean when Yahya Jammeh killed students on April 11th 2000?
This same dean  has nothing to offer Gambians and the family of international intellectuals other than reducing the essence of doctorate degrees to such nonsense? These are the type of people who should be arrested and jailed when Yahya Jammeh falls down. Of ocurse there is lucrative market when it comes to issuing such degrees. A lot of money is coming from Taiwanese figures searching for such degrees. There are harsh whispers in town which have reduced our university to barn of deals and “Baana-Baana” shop of degrees. This is crazy.It is not only the ministers who help Yahya,infact the universty lecturers who initiated this under the direct supervision of Dr Sajaa Taal should be ashamed of themselves. With the help of people like these silly and foolish so-called learned men and women,Banjul has now qualified to be called a new Kampala in Africa. Why? Beause we have created Idi Jemus Dada-Jammeh. Now that Yahya Jammeh has no other university to offer him these nonsensical doctorate degrees of shame in fame,he finally resorted to using Sajaa Taal and his line of quacking ducks to get this “toilet roll” being called a doctorate degree. Yahya sometimes should at least save himself from such shame,even if he cares less about The Gambia’s name. Why not save his own name for goodness sake!

Doctoral Certificate awarded by the University of The Gambia to Africa’s new Idi Amin.
He is Idi Jemus Dada-Jammeh.
Posted on Wednesday, March 14, 2007 (Archive on Friday, March 30, 2007)
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