According to reports , former Prime minister Khaleda Zia’s son Tarique Rahman, who is alleged to have been involved in many corruptions, is terrified of the current army-backed interim government as it continues its anti-corruption drive which has so far arrested many mid-level operatives of his Bangladesh nationalist party.

He has apparently withdrawn himself from all party activities – even from attending meetings of party officials inside his home. He was most notably absent from his late father former president Ziaur Rahman’s birthday commemoration ceremony last week.

 This is seen by many in Bangladesh as his fear of uncertainty of his political future and personal safety as the interim government recently vowed to enforce laws to exclude corrupt politicians from participating in future polls. Tarique Rahman has held several seats in the immediate past parliament.
According to sources cited in this report, he has kept his daily activities outside his house limited to driving his daughter to school. He is also quoted to have lamented to someone close to him that he now realizes that the power behind the caretaker government is very angry with him but he is not sure as to why — as he had made it a point not to displease them during the last 5 years of BNP rule.

The power behind the current interim government is widely viewed as the country’s armed forces. One BNP official close to Tarique quoted as saying in the report that Tarique is extremeley disappointed as the joint forces are conducting a manhunt for one of his close business associates, Giasuddin Mamun, who is suspected of massive corruption.

Giasuddin Mamun has since been reported by New Age Bangladesh as having fled to India. It is widely belived that capture and possible confessions of Mamun will certainly implicate Tarique being involved in numerous corruptions during his mother’s tenure as Prime Minister.
Tarique Rahman was perceived by many in Bangladesh as running a parallel government from his infamous residence ‘Hawa Bhavan’ in Dhaka during his mother’s tenure as Prime minister — directing everything from which goverment official should get promotion to which of his friends should get a favorable government contract among other things. His business interests in Bangladesh include an alcohol distillery and an inland shipping company among others.

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