Arrested leader of Bangladesh nationalist party,Tarique Rahman, had met with notorious underworld kingpin Dawood Ibrahim in Dubai in March 2006, according to a report by Central Bureau of Investigation of India reported in Anandabazar  -  a daily from Kolkata, India.

Former Bangladesh army intelligence Chief Major General Rezzakul Haider Chowdhury, who was fired from his job after Dr. Fakhruddin  took office earlier this year as interim government head, accompanied Tarique in this trip to Dubai.

According to reports, Tarique made several “deals” with Dawood in this meeting. As per the deals, Dawood would smuggle huge cache of arms into Bangladesh for the BNP cadres for the now-postponed Bangladesh parliament elections and run Tarique’s business interests in Dubai.

Tarique reportedly bought a property in Dubai for $60 million. Tarique is also said to have had links with Al-Qaeda in relation to his money laundering operations with Dawood Ibrahim.

Dawood Ibrahim is wanted in India by the authorities for many crimes including terrorism.

Apparently, Indian government is pleased to see Tarique Rahman behind the bars since they consider him as the ‘source of many problems’, according to this report.



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