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Migration has moved dramatically to the top tier of Bangla politics. The money being sent home by Bangla migrants is now a staggering EIGHT TIMES higher than investment by foreign companies, and FOUR TIMES higher than foreign aid.Amer Ahmed summarizes:
“From a few thousand in the 1970s, the number of Bangladeshi migrants has exploded to a gross figure of more than three million by 2002, with about $23.7 billion being sent back in remittances over that period (Kibria, 2004). As of 2006, expatriate workers’ remittance flows were FOUR TIMES GREATER than Official Development Assistance (ODA) and eight times more than Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).”

This month’s FORUM magazine in The Daily Star has a special issue on migration.  Some excerpts:

Epaar Opaar (West Bengal & Bangladesh) – Udayan Chattopadhyay

Cloud of Silence in Bangla Town – Naeem Mohaiemen

The Third Pillar – S. Amer Ahmed

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