Bangladesh government’s livestock advisor has confirmed that bird flu has been detected in a poulty farm in Savar near Dhaka, the country’s capitol. C.S. Karim said in a statement that results of laboratory tests showed existence of the deadly virus of H5N1 in chickens in the farm.

“There is no reason for any panic or concern,” the statement said. “In fact, poultry birds and eggs can be consumed as usual through normal cooking.” 

Approximately 30,000 chickens were culled Tuesday at Biman Poultry Complex, an operation  run by Bangladesh national airlines. The laboratory samples were taken from the same poultry.

It was not immediately clear how many chickens might have been affected.

An outbreak of H5N1 virus in Bangladesh could devastate the impoverished country’s poultry industry, comprised of about 150,000 farms with an annual turnover of about $750 million, officials said.



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