Former Bangladesh Prime minister Sheikh Hasina will be charged with corruption linked to purchase of eight MIG-29 fighter jets for Bangladesh Air force  from Russia and other alleged corruptions during her tenure as prime minister, according to sources in Dhaka cited by the daily newspaper Amader Shomoy. According to the souces cited, there will be total 40 charges against Sheikh Hasina, 30 former ministers and state ministers and 56 member of parliaments among other members of her former government.

Sheikh Hasina left Bangladesh last week and currently in the United States. She has denied reports that she left Bangladesh in order to avoid arrest on impending corruption charges. She told reporters in Dhaka airport before boarding a flight for London that she plans to come back to Bangladesh after 1 month and the she supported the arrest of corrupt individuals. However, many in Bangladesh believe that her political future is in jeopardy because of impending corruption charges and she may actually live in exile and never come back to Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is currently going through a massive anti-corruption drive led by the interim government Chief Dr. Fakhruddin Ahmed backed by the country’s defence forces. \



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