Dr. Fakhruddin Ahmed was sworn in as head of Interim government of Bangladesh on January 11 after what seemed like an never-ending violence between Awami League and Bangaldesh Nationalist Party supporters and leaders that would lead the country into a state of anarchy.  It is no secret that the country’s Army Chief played the key role in convincing then Caretaker government Chief – President Iajuddin Ahmed to relinquish his unusual simultaneous post of Chief of Caretaker government.  But was it all that there was to it?  Apparently no..

A New York based bangla language weekly – NYBangla.com has published a sensational account of the events that took place that led to emergency rule in Bangladesh. When contacted about the truthfulness of the source cited in the report, the editor of the weekly referred the writer of this report to another reporter of the weekly who has so far shown little interest in providing further information on the veracity of the published report.

 According to the report, President and then Caretaker government Chief Iajuddin Ahmed was all set to remove Major General Moin U Ahmed as Chief of Army staff on that day and appoint now-fired Director General of Bangladesh’s main Intelligence Agency - Directorate General of Forces Intelligence (DGFI) – Major General Rezzakul Haider Chowdhury as the country’s new army Chief of Staff.  This was being done on direct orders from son of former Prime minister Khaleda Zia -Tariq Rahman -who is now jailed on corruption charges.  Tariq Rahman and Major General Rezzakul Haider Chowdhury are known to be friends and has travelled abroad together several times on business purposes. A recent declassfied report from Central Bureau of India claims that Tariq and Rezzaqul had met with notorious criminal (to be contd..)

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