Today is her 6th birthday, it is also a little over six months ago that the little girl disappeared. The family wanted to express their concern over Haleigh Cummings by releasing some balloons. It might at first seem a futile gesture, but each one has a small message on it. Who knows, maybe there is someone that will find a balloon, read the message, and remember some inconsequential fact from 6 months ago.I was not in attendance for the balloon release. And many others were not. People live hundreds, even thousands of miles from Satsuma, Florida, but they still care. They want a solution, a resolution, is Haleigh Cummings having a sixth birthday, or is she just another statistic?

That is a question that we have no answer to at the moment.

I received an email from a friend of mine who lives in Florida, and knows the Satsuma area. He is married, and has young children. This afternoon he sent me a couple of pictures. I have to share them with you. There are no words required.



Take a moment, and wish Haleigh Cummings a happy birthday.

Simon Barrett

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