David Schussler

If you live by credit it is easy to fail by credit. Credit is a risk that is an inherent part of our human evolution. Unfortunately everybody is suffering for the risks that some have taken. The proposed bailout will not work unless it is accompanied by oversight, adherence to rules, and the education of our nation that will change the way we live and do business

When speaking of mortgages, credit, fuel prices, environmental outlooks, food supply, freedom, trade, immigration, or war, market forces are in play. Market forces have always been in play as we have developed as a people. Science, philosophy, religion, and business have enveloped our thinking and reasoning. This evolution of thought has created symbiotic relationships between supply and demand. As we left the farm and its autonomy for the cities we became industrialized, scientific, and commercialized. We also have become more and more dependent on each other for supply as each demand was created.

Certainly trade and barter existed among even the most prehistoric man, perhaps only as greed and desire for the earliest. Before our nation was developed, world trade existed with minerals, spices, and even humans. These market forces created envy, greed, and even war. These forces exist today just as basic as, and more dominant than ever. The addition of sales and marketing agents have become a prevailing and controlling factor as commodity trading affects the value of our money.

Market forces represent a true will of the people. As our perceived needs develop, so the market responds to fill the need. Entrepreneurs rise to creatively provide what others think they want. Sales people create illusion of need to breach the gap between manufacturer and the masses. Inventors and innovators develop new ways and means to excite the public and manufacturing sectors. Scientists envision new horizons of drugs, communication, and outer space that titillate our dreamy thoughts of perfect health and forever ongoingness. This, all because we want more and more.

What once was neighbors supplying to each other what the other didn’t have for trade or money, has grown to become a global dependency with nations providing what other nations want. Originally a person would provide a service or product with their skills and knowledge, figure out what it cost them to provide that, add in what was needed to continue to provide it plus a reasonable profit and this was the price. When product in abundance was needed to supply the city markets and industry, auctioneers, then brokers and traders came into being to handle the large transactions. Credit was established based on trust and then companies were formed to control the trade of credit. These businesses which started in barns are now mostly conducted on Wall Street and other world exchanges. As people became more unscrupulous and/or reckless, indiscreet risk became the norm.[ “gambling”]. The price of goods and services is based on the demand and basically greed by the handlers who make their money with their trades. If a product is in demand while supply is short, the traders can sell the product to the highest bidder competing for the goods, getting a larger percentage of the profit while transferring a larger profit to the provider as well. The cost of manufacture hasn’t necessarily gone up although the end price to the consumer has.

These are all basic market forces and these are the kind of forces that drive our economy and now find us in the quandaries of housing loss, job loss, global pollution, homeland security risk, human rights debacles, quality of life issues, and the threat to our savings and freedom.

Although market forces are a part of human evolution, it is because we have made it so. Not just individually, but collectively, we have trusted our money and our nation to those, who we believed were working in business and in our elected government, in our best interests. It is obvious they have been duping and failing us or have little foresight. That is why we are in this dilemma.

There was a time, even during my lifetime, when we as a nation were proud to say that we could exist autonomously; a time when we could provide all of the natural resources necessary to run our country. Only Brazil could lay claim to the same. Could this happen again? Yes. As a people, we want to remain free, we want an unpolluted environment, and we want an excellent quality of life. Market forces have been for years, due to public outcry, creating cleaner manufacturing and fuel production practices. We have the best and cleanest technology in the world. Innovators and inventors are, and have been, creating new technology for alternative clean energy that is now starting to be produced. We need to take what oil and gas we need from our earth and ocean floor to immediately relieve us of the threat to our freedom and quality of life. We need to open our doors to free trade that will enable us to sell our products to other countries without unfair tariff impositions. We must keep an eye on those traders who would manipulate our markets with buy and sell schemes that inflate prices and deflate our dollars.

Anyone who has watched our congress and senate in action can easily see that it is a failed system full of bloated egos with not a lick of sense among them. A bunch of lawyers who are so tied up in their own legal jargon and and intricate contortions that they can’t get anything accomplished except to create a bigger and more expensive government with fingers in more of our lives. We must speak up now for what we want and know is right. We must support those few in positions of power who are saying and doing what is best for us.

We must reduce our dependency on credit, support those businesses that prop up a free and healthy economy while producing with integrity, promoting fairness, providing employment and well being for our nation. Let the evolution of market forces dictate the will of the people. Those who wish to manipulate and take advantage of the good will of the people of the United States will be routed with good investigation and reporting, and failure, and those who wish to participate will reap the rewards of good stewardship of our country,our money, and our world.

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