Earlier today it was clear that there was a great deal of information that was beginning to surface that were just too complex to put into an article. Our decision was to go with an impromptu radio discussion.

The panel consisted of Simon ‘Mop Head’ Barrett, that ‘unreliable’ radio reporter from Gainsville, Florida TJ Hart, and ‘Snake Man’ William Cobra Staubs. My sincere thanks go out to Cue Ball for the new names. We all thank the loyal commenter’s here on BNN for sharing this BREAKING, although somewhat bald news, I guess Cue Ball is pissed that the Rogaine didn’t take.

This morning Donna Brock was in court, and she has plead guilty to a lesser charge. One that only carries a 15 year minimum sentence. Ouch, that magic number of 15 just keeps coming up. Donna Brock, like Hope Sykes seems to have been a bit player in the saga, yet the jail terms are hitting hard and heavy.

Tommy Croslin is still talking about being out in three years, one can only assume that he has access to the Disney Channel!

The major discussion point today was the indictments handed down to Chuck Ingram and his wife Dale. This was no overnight decision, it was a Grand Jury finding. We might have found the source of the investigation.

Does any of this help resolve the location or status of Haleigh Cummings? NO

But what it does show is that putting this case under the microscope is paying dividends. Were it not for people like the Unreliable Reporter, and The Snake Man, this case would have been closed months ago.

Instead we have the situation where some of the press have stayed with the story, we might never find Haleigh, but we certainly have done our very best to keep her name in the headlines, and bring justice where it is due.

You can listen to the program here.

Signed: Mop Head, Unreliable, and Snake Man

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