The radio show will be running live at 1pm central, 2pm eastern. We are expecting to have an interesting talk radio show. Everyone has heard of the term Bail Bond, and as a result of the A&E channel everyone has heard the term Bounty Hunter. But what do they really mean? Maybe more importantly, should we care?

Well, yes, we should care, and we should care a great deal.

We have this ‘movie’ image of the Bounty Hunter kicking in doors, wielding large weapons, and generally being someone that you would not welcome into your home. But is this Hollywood view an accurate one? Probably not, is the simple answer.

The industry is so mired in myth and bad legislation that neither the Bail Bondsman or Bounty Hunter has a clear picture from Law Enforcement as to what the parameters are. Even worse, LE changes the rules more often than the NFL, the rules seem to fit the moment, rather than the industry.

Tomorrows radio segment should be illuminating. I have heard that a number of folks in the industry will be dialing in. I am also hoping that many listeners will call in, this is the one chance to peek under the skirts of an industry that few people understand.

We will be live at 1pm central, 2pm eastern, and the switchboard number is 646-378-1120.

The link to the live feed is here.


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