A number of bags filled with asbestos debris were found dumped in a Hartford neighborhood recently. Around eighteen bags that were filled with insulation material that contained asbestos were found and removed from the area by the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).

Officials from the DEP think that the person who dumped the bags was trying to save the money of getting them disposed of in the proper way, and in doing so has exposed local residents to potentially deadly asbestos dust and fibers by simply dumping the debris in a residential neighborhood.

One DEP official said: “They were open to the public where anybody could have walked over the bags, stepped on the bags. So, basically the bags were open for anyone in the area to come in contact with.”

Local residents were outraged when they heard about it, and one stated: “We have a lot of children here growing up and if they were to be exposed to asbestos, we don’t know what the long term-effect could possibly be.”

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